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       Join us at our Workshops for a day full of fun!


Some of our guest speakers will offer a workshop. This is a fantastic opportunity for Guild members to learn new techniques and improve their quilting skills with some of the top quilters in the world for a minimal fee. From time to time, we will offer workshops for a specific project or just for fun. Please check our list below and join us at our next planned event. UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED, WORKSHOPS WILL BE HELD AT PARKWAY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (BETWEEN YORKSHIRE AND KIRKLEES ROADS). COST FOR MEMBERS IS $40; FOR NON-MEMBERS $50--UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED

Last update: September 22, 2014
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For more information on feature Workshops, please contact Joan Lowder at

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"Patsy Thompson"

Date: Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Workshop: Yes, There is Life After Stippling!!

This 6 hour class is designed to help you explore quilting design and to bolster your skills in free motion quilting. You'll learn how to improve your control as well as learn several new quilting designs to make your quilts sing. The skill level for this class is Intermediate to Advanced. Participants must have experience with a free motion foot. You can see Patsy's website at Patsy Thompson Designs. SPECIAL PRICE FOR FP&Q MEMBERS OF ONLY $25!!! If you want to take the class, send a check made out to FP&QG for $40 ($25 for members) and send to Joan Lowder, 196 Ju-Lenor Drive, Winston-Salem, NC 27107.

"Mary Sorenson"

Date: Tuesday, April 14, 2015
Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Workshop: Needle-Turn Applique

More information to be provided at a later date.

Ongoing - "Community/Nap Blankets" - FPQG Charity

Workshops are scheduled every 3rd Saturday of the month.
Location: St. Timothy's Episcopal Church in Drake Hall, 2575 Parkway Dr

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"Margaret Layman"

Workshop: Machine Applique

This workshop provided hands-on time to learn Margaret's successful appliqué secrets. Included in the topics covered were how to prepare your fabric, setting up your machine, materials to use, and samples to stitch.

"Fran Kordek"

Workshop: 6-Hour Pyrotenics

Fran offered a 6- hour workshop entitled "Pyrotechnics" or "Farmer's Fancy." Right now you might be thinking, what in the world is pyrothenics. Well, just pull up Fran's website to see a sample.

"Gloria Stickney"

Gloria taught Square-in-a-Square techniques.

"Jean Wells Keenan"

Jean Wells held a workshop: “Intuitive Color and Design” and on cutting and piecing techniques.

"Cindy Blackberg"

Cindy began quiltmaking in 1974, in 1977 she began to teach quilting. The last 30 years Cindy's teaching skills have earned her a loyal following across the United States. Her work is based on traditional American patchwork blocks. She uses many fabrics to create unique scrap quilts. Her quilts have won various awards and have hung in major exhibits in Florida, across the United States, and overseas.

"Karen Combs"

Karen is a native of Michigan. She began quilting in 1973 while still in high school. Her quilts are known for taking a traditional pattern and giving it her own unique "twist". Karen is intrigued with quilts of illusions and has been designing quilts with a 3-D look for several years. Karen is the author or Optical Illusions, Combing Through Your Scraps, Floral Illusions, 3 Quilters Celebrate the 4 Seasons, and 3-D Fun with Pandora's Box. Her newest book is Celtic Pieced Illusions.

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